10 Reasons Why Investing In a Smart Home Is a Smart Choice You Should Make Today

Imagine it’s a hot summer day and you have just left for work. After driving around for a good half hour you realize that you forgot to lock the front door of your house! Ideally, your helpful neighbor should be able to do this task without any complaints. But why bother them when you have got a better alternative called IoT and this will help you lock the door, remotely from your car or for that matter, from anywhere you want. The Internet of Things or IoT is the technology that allows internet-enabled appliances to communicate with each other. IoT has been around since 2013 and has taken the world of smart home by a storm. In today’s fast-paced world home automation has become a necessity and in this article, you will read the 10 reasons why investing in a smart home is a smart idea.

  1. Lighting: Now you can set the mood
  2.  Be it movie night or a casual dinner party, the main thing that decides the theme of your house is the lights. Now instead of getting a separate light setup for every event and manually switching them on and off, you get to choose IoT lights. The internet enabled lights are paired with your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to alter the mood of the lights and also increase or decrease the brightness from the comfort of your couch.

  3. Thermostats: Temperature and humidity control
  4. With the tropical climate that India has to offer the AC bills can skyrocket within no time. Studies have shown that heating and cooling costs make upto 50 percent of the total energy bill. To shave a major portion from this bill and keep that budget under control get an IoT enabled thermostat. These smart thermostats can learn your behavior and preferences over time and adjust the temperature and humidity accordingly. By saving money through these micro adjustments they pay for themselves over time.

  5. Smart home assistants: Someone to rely on
  6. Gone are the days where you felt lonely, cause at your disposal is a variety of smart assistants to choose from. They will help you do complex jobs like pairing a proper wine with your meal but also assist you in day to day activities like setting up your alarm. The smart assistants help you keep track of all other IoT enabled devices and control them too. You could be sitting in your bedroom and still check if all the doors and windows are locked or not. This brings us to our next point.

  7. Door locks and security: Cause safety comes first
  8. One of the biggest advocates of home automation has been security. The old security systems have been replaced by IoT where all devices will communicate with each other. Now your door will have a remotely accessible lock that you can control by monitoring via the cameras in your house. Forget about keeping a spare key under the mat and hoping no one will find it cause now you can remotely open or close the door for your mailman or TV repair guy. An intercom access via your phone will allow you to monitor who is at the door and open it remotely if necessary. Making sure the kids are safe after school is much easier with remote monitoring via your smart phone. It also allows you to keep track of the doors and windows with alarms being triggered if any motion is detected.

  9. Emergency: Automatically alert the authorities
  10. Fire hazards have been one of the biggest causes for concern in the past years. Due to delayed calls made to the authorities the response time has been nowhere near as good as it should be. Smart homes with its smart sensors can inform authorities in a matter of seconds in case of any overheating, gas leakage, water leakage, electrical issue and so on. Not just that. In case of burnt biscuits in the oven a false alarm can be avoided by switching off the smoke detector via your smart phone instead of struggling on top of a chair.

  11. Efficient Electronics: Generate low electricity bill
  12. IoT enabled devices have the capability of being monitored in real time. This means that their use cases can be optimized according to the needs. For example:
            • HVAC systems consume immense amount of power to run 24/7. If the thermostat is instructed to switch it off after a temperature is obtained then a lot of electricity can be saved.
            • LED bulbs used in IoT based lighting systems consume way less power than the traditional bulbs and also last longer. Also IoT based lighting solutions can switch off lights when no one is present at home. Just retrofitting the lighting and plugs can reduce energy consumption by 29 percent

  13. Child safety: Now your children can run free.
  14. As aparent, your biggest concern will be the safety of your child. Now your smart home can be a helping hand as well. Your home can have smart locks that have keyless entry enabled. You will receive a message as soon as your kid comes back home and footage from the camera will be sent to your smart phone as well. The locks can also be configured to work only during certain hours thus allowing the babysitter or nanny to gain entry. These smart locks will also give you remote access to the doors in case your kid forgets the password or you need to lock the door during an emergency. Other than the security cameras and the door locks, there are sensors in place. They are placed in sensitive or high risk areas like the medicine cabinet or the closet containing cleaning products. If they are activated then an alert will immediately be sent to your phone.

  15. Remote access: Control your home with your phone
  16. Thanks to the variety of cameras and interconnected devices available at your disposal, now you can remotely access almost all aspects of your home. Whether it is receiving a package while no one is at home or monitoring your pet dog while at work, home automation has you covered. Remote streaming of video feed to your smart phone will help you with the monitoring while various apps that give you administrator privilege will allow you to open and close the door when needed.

  17. Track inventory: Home stock management system
  18. Smart homes now come with state of the art kitchen monitoring system. Here the packaged food items will be lined with RFID tags thus helping us keep track of the stock. The groceries will be mounted on pressure sensitive platforms that will automatically send a notification to your smart phone if the stock is low. The entire process of buying is also automated by letting your phone order the necessary products that are low in stock. Never again do you have to go to the kitchen and find out that you are out of cookies.

  19. Wholesome automation: Cleaning, predict overheating, track window and door status.
  20.  Certain aspects of our homes have already been automated by now. But with recent developments we see a more wholesome automation taking place. Home automation is no longer just about intercoms and opening doors. Now any and all appliances that are connected to the internet can be monitored via your smartphone.
        • Kitchen electronics: Sensors can monitor the health of kitchen appliances and make sure that they run properly and schedule regular check-ups.
        • Door/Window Status: The blinds, doors and windows of the entire house can now be monitored via your smart phone. A touch of a button will allow you to close or open all of them.
        • Cleaning devices: Smart vacuum cleaners and exhausts can track your sleeping patterns and do their work covertly without disturbing you or your family.
        • Pre-emptive heating: Smart heaters and geysers will also allow you to switch on the heat before getting up, so that you are warm at all times.
Your home is your humble abode in this vast and uncertain world. It is the place you come to after a long day of work. So it is only fitting to have the best practices in place to make your home efficient, secure, comfortable, and convenient and at InstaAutomations, we help you do just that. We are one of India’s leading home automation and personalized control service providers. We help you control your music, lighting, security and energy to the entire house and tailor it to specific needs thus making your house, your own little sweet spot. So, how sweet is your place?  

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