What Will Smart Home Automation Industry in India Look Like in 2020?

The Indian Smart Home Automation industry has become a booming industry, the industry is expected to be over INR 300 million by 2020. India is at the Peak of digital revolution, which is laying an important role in the home automation. The increasing number of subscribers to internet and increased usage of mobile phone has evolved the connection for the Global Internet of things (IOT) into boom.

The Home automation industry till years back remained limited to the prosperous section of the society. But the Indian digital era with the growth of technologies has made the Automation industry popular. The recent developments in the technology has made lots of improvements to the wireless automation. The day to day busy schedules of people and the lowering of the prices of the automation has made the smart home automation acceptable to people. People in the near future will be dependent on automation to make their lives flexible and load free.

Smart home automation industry has become an integral part of the lifestyle. While there is always scope for improvement, the future seems untold with machine learning and voice control leading to the powerful artificial intelligence.

Some of the Key features which will make the Smart home automation acceptable to maximum part of the society and make them utilise the features of automation to make their lives easy and convenient are as below:

Affordable Product: The biggest reason for the popularity of smart home automation industry is affordable products. Affordable products are gaining popularity in the all the sections of society unlike the expensive automation systems only in the high and prosperous society. The cost effective and convenient products had made the growth in the automation industry partially like the products controlling television, air conditioning, lighting system etc.

Wireless Technology: The improved wireless technology with the use of internet of things has made the automation more comprehensive than the wired based automation products. Factors like the ease of use, instant access, affordability and energy efficient products is making the automation industry grow significantly.

Voice Control Automation: The voice-based home automation has taken over the App based automation. The voice command with the launch of google assistance and amazon Alexa, with the smart integration is making progress toward the home automation Era

Increased Efficiency, Customization and Control: the increases in the efficiency in smart home automation with the use of artificial intelligence and internet of things. There is no need of manual control of anything. Even the kitchen can be monitored and controlled with the help of artificial intelligence enabled home automation.

Increased Mobile Usage: the increased mobile technology updates and affordability of smart phones, data packages and availability of improved Wi-Fi connections has shoot the growth of smart home automation products in the country.

Home Security: home security being the most concerned part of one’s life is addressed with the use of home automation. The increase of home security with the advanced technologies has made the life of people tension free and secure. Nowadays people would like to go with smart home automation for keeping their house and loved ones safe and secure.

All the factors mentioned above is contributing for the growth of home automation industry in India. The company is witnessing a larger acceptance to the smart home technologies and products in the country. It is evident that India will achieve greater heights in the field of smart home automation by 2020.

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