Smart Home Ideas: 7 Ways To Automate Your Home

Home Automation, as the name suggests, means your home would be completely automatic. Well, if you are thinking about how to automate your home then you will have to decide which things you would prefer to automate. In our fast-paced lives with so much technological advancements going on around, we are always looking for a better life. Things that would make our life much easier and simpler. It is actually possible to automate homes and this can be done by the Internet of Things (IoT). With smartphones, smart TVs and smart gadgets smart homes have become the new talk of the town.

Let us look at some of the best Smart Home Automation Ideas.

1.Control Lights with Voice:

It is possible to control the lights of your rooms just by some instructions. Well, you cannot expect your lightings to talk to you but they can definitely respond to you via their actions. Just by a simple voice command you can turn on the bulbs or switch them off. These smart lights can be directly operated by Google Alexa or Amazon echo and often by Apple’s Siri.

2.Control TV and Other Home Appliance over Voice:

Google supports a number of voice compatible devices which can be operated just by giving a few instructions. From smart Televisions, switches, lights, and other electrical appliances can be connected to a particular hub network in a room. It can then be controlled by using a voice recognition system. Different smart home devices are capable of being connected with different android or ios applications.

3.Smart Speaker & Assistant:

While we are all aware of Amazon’s echo, Siri and Google assistant we also do know how significant they are in the entire process of Home automation. These smart speakers can interact with you as and when needed. You really do not have to move up and switch on a light or a TV. You can simply instruct your assistant and to do as you want and your command will be executed right at that moment.

4.Control Temperature (Heat And Air Conditioning) Automatically:

Home automation ideas

You can easily control the temperature of your room by using apps or voice commands. Whether it is a thermostat, AC or a portable unit just by a simple touch or a command you can instruct the thermostat to regulate the temperature of your room as you desire. Or, you can ask your AC to reduce the temperature or shut down.

5.Video/Home Theater Automation Ideas:

Smart Home Automation

Home theatre and videos can be automated by the use of different devices that can help automate the entire process. Using a remote finder you can easily track the location of a remote. When a movie begins, you can automatically start or shut down the lights. Once you press the play button the lights would become dim easily while you press the pause button lights can get on and get brighter by a certain percent. You can simulate the rooms and the speakers in your room as you desire.

6.Smart Security Ideas:

Smart Home Automation would include some of the best security ideas which can help make your home a safer place. You can automate your bedroom screen to check if anyone is at the door. When there is some movement outside the door, the lightning can illuminate. In case you are watching a movie and someone comes in the surveillance camera can display the image live on your TV while pausing the movie or the image for a few seconds.

7.Luxurious Automation Ideas For Daily Life:

If you are planning to live a luxurious life and make your life simpler than ever then automation is the best choice for you. Luxurious activities can make your life seamlessly comfortable than ever before. From lighting to control of appliances and other activities you can make your life easier.
Here, luxury is not just to show off but also to make every activity in our regular life better and easier to execute.

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