How IOT has Changed the Way of Living by Smart Home Automation system in India

Before Understanding how IOT has changed the way of Smart Automation in India let us understand IOT.

What does IOT Means?
IOT i.e., Internet of things is a connection of Physical objects through the internet. The communication and exchange of the data between the physical objects is Internet enabled. All the devices are interconnected through software’s and network connectivity.

Smart Home Automation
It is a system which controls lighting, entertainment systems home security such as access control, doors and windows lock, surveillance cameras and alarm systems when connected to internet.

Some of the examples of Smart home automation system Using IOT are:

  • Smart TV’s connected to internet, enabling the access of the content from the apps, Such as on demand videos and Music’s.
  • Controlling of home lighting systems remotely, Smart Lights regulating themselves based on the daylight availability.
  • Smart security systems where the owner can monitor remotely when they are away from home.
  • Smart Locks and door openers, Granting and denying the access to the visitors have become easy, helps in detecting if someone is near the Door or tries to open the door.

Some of the IOT based application for smart home automations system

  • Smart Switches
  • Smart Locks
  • Smart Lighting controls
  • Smart home appliances
  • Home safety and security
  • Voice based home assistance using natural languages
  • Smart Energy Meters
  • HVAC

How has the IOT changes the way of living by smart home automation system.

Increased home security:
When it comes to security people take it seriously, with the help of the IOT based home automation you can always be informed any person moving around your home or trying to enter the house without having access. It will immediately send an alert to the owner and raises the alarm. It helps you manage all the windows, doors and cameras inside the home. This will even help the owner to have an eye on the kids, elderly parents and pets at home from anyplace with the use of applications.

Saving on Bills:
It has become really important to save the energy as the way we are consuming energy; we are likely to lose it in the near future, and nothing will be left for our future generations.The smart automations like smart lighting will help in saving the energy. Even if you have forgotten to switch off the lights, fan or any other smart appliance at home, it can be done through the mobile apps. This will help in saving a lot of energy and the bills.

Controlling Remotely:
Convenience is the key factor of Smart home automation. Anything can be controlled with ease with the help of IOT based home automation. Whether managing the temperature or the lightings of the house, it can be done from anywhere using the mobile app. For instances you can switch on the Air conditioning and set the temperature based on your requirements before you reach home from work.

Looking into all the points discussed above it is clear that IOT has changed the way of smarty home automation and is still changing. The Popularity of the IOT Devices such as Alexa, Goole home etc., is rapidly increasing. The people are more likely to adopt to the new technologies and make their lifestyles easy and comfortable. This Era sees Smart home as a comfort but soon it will be a necessity for every home. Homes will turn intelligent and our lives would become easy.

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