5 Cool Home Automation Products You Must Try

In 2019, smart home systems are more impressive and all-encompassing than ever. A home automation system is programmed to control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, doors, and appliances. Home security such as alarms can be a part of the system.

In fact, it’s no longer about just about Alexa playing your favorite Bruno Mars song. It is a lot more than that. Now, you can use these smart systems to bake your cookies, grill your chicken, take care of house security systems and even vacuum your floor!

Here are 5 Home Automation Products You Must Try:

Wink Hub 2 has been considered as one of the first kind of smart home hub specially designed for customers.  Wink doesn’t have any brand loyalty, allowing you to pick and choose different smart product brands while also merging them  with each other.

It supports many smart home protocols including Bluetooth LE, Wifi, Z-wave, Kidde and more. The Wink Hub app can be downloaded and be used to control commands like light switches or garage door, from your phone.

Looking for an affordable smart system to cater to your daily needs? You need to look no further than the new Amazon Echo. This amazing speaker connects to Alexa to play your favorite music, answer questions, send and read text messages, setting an alarm and a lot more.

Echo has a noise cancellation system which makes sure that it reaches your ears from anywhere in your house with 360 degrees audio in your room. You can switch your TV on and off, order your food, play your music without even moving away from your couch!

The Philips Hue bulbs work with most smart home systems, making them arguably the most flexible lighting option. It enables you to control the intensity of lights as well as their color. If you don’t want color, you may want to go for Philips Hue White.

You can also set color coordinated alarms, making sure that you wake up to a light yellow bedroom every morning.

While most of the smart home device is for comfort and entertainment, the Netgear Arlo Q is the master of home security, It records high-quality videos and sounds and might as well clicking exceptionally clear images of people and things in pitch black darkness.

You can customize its camera to start recording whenever you leave your house or set it according to your work hours when you leave the house. It might be a little expensive however, on the brighter side, it gives 7 days of video recording for free. It is a worthwhile investment as compared to most other security systems.

Want to clean your house without getting tired and dirty? N79S provides a versatile cleaning solution. The smart motion system and the multiple cleaning it is much efficient and easier to clean your floor as it has an appropriate cleaning mode for every spot in your house. You can also control your robot with ECOVACS App or smart home system, and enjoy all the convenience it has to provide.

Smart home systems will only continue to evolve and become even more advanced and stylish. These days, with so many purchasing options being available in the market, that you are not limited to one size, color or shape. So, while smart home systems may take some time to understand and master, they already are making life easier.

Future homes may as well come with smart home features built in, considering the rate at which these technologies are being developed and inserted into our everyday lives. Still, some people might want to install and further customize smart home automation devices themselves which are only beneficial.

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